"I received counseling through the Partnership 4 years ago when I was going through a crisis situation. Before I asked for help I thought I was just sad and could easily just get over it - I was wrong. My emotions were causing every aspect of my life to spiral out of control from work to family life and even affected my health. I got counseling for $20 a session and I still use the tools I learned in my counseling. I am now able to have healthy relationships with others setting boundaries that no longer make me feel like a doormat. I am also so much better at listening to other peoples feelings instead of just being wrapped up in my own or feeling as they are attacking me. Thank you for all of your help - without the Partnership there is no way I could have afforded counseling." - Client Testimonial, 2012 

"After 10 years of living in a mentally abusive and controlling relationship I am finally free!  I picked up your brochure at my church and was so worried that my boyfriend would find out what I was doing.  Your staff was very understanding and helped me apply in a way that he never had to know and the $10 co-payment allowed me to get the counseling without having to ask him for the money.  Thank you!  I have since left him and taken control over my own life.  I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't got your help.  My counselor helped me to gain the confidence and strength to move out and move on.  No more fear, no more control, and no more sadness.  Thank you!! - Client Testimonial, 2015

"Thank you for helping me address the anger I was feeling from a past abusive relationship that was destroying my current relationship.  I always thought forgiveness was about the other person but now I am understanding that it is for my own benefit and my future not his.  I still have anger but I am working hard to get it out of my heart so I can be happy and trust this man that truly loves me for me." - Client Testimonial, 2016