Pastoral Counseling is a form of counseling that integrates modern behavioral science principles with theological/spiritual insights to empower healing and growth.  Pastoral Counseling offers you a safe, non-judgemental space to heal your heart, mind and soul.  

The Partnership methodically recruits exceptional pastoral counselors that are trained extensively to help serve the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our clients.  The path of healing that you will take with your counselor will always be about your personal journey of healing, utilizing your spirituality if that is your desire.  Your counselor will never tell you how or what to believe, instead help you recognize and address unhealthy attitudes and paralyzing behaviors that are becoming burdensome to your daily activities and relationships. 

Pastoral Counselors are mental health professionals that have training in Theology/Spirituality.  A pastoral counselor brings a unique holistic approach to counseling by serving the total person, seeing all aspects of the person including their spiritual needs.  Pastoral Counselors are very well grounded in their own religious beliefs and walk a life of faith, allowing them to be open in working with clients of diverse faith backgrounds and not to impose their own particular spirituality on clients.  Pastoral counselors draw strength and wisdom from their own faith, as they embark on counseling those that are suffering; often times utilizing traditional practices of prayer, requesting the Holy Spirit be present with them as they aid people in their journey of healing.

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