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Investing in Gold IRA – Protecting Your Individual Retirement Fund With Precious Materials

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Are we facing a global financial meltdown…an economic apocalypse?? Is the U.S. still a safe haven to your IRA gold custodians?

The U.S. government continues to print money at a record rate, and it is unlikely that your hard-earned savings will remain valuable in 10 to twenty years. You can sometimes get lucky, even though it could be described as luck. There is a good chance that the dollar will devalue.

Protecting our assets, especially the ones we depend on for retirement, is something that all of us must do. Something that cannot be altered or manipulated by government and power-blind leaders.

This is a good rule: It’s a general rule that the more money “printed” gets circulated, then the less its purchasing power. The widespread dollar devaluation is a result.

For example, a ounce of gold today costs $1420.00. Imagine an alchemist finding a way that will allow him to produce unlimited quantities of gold at a fraction of the cost.

What impact would a huge overproduction of gold have on the current value of the metal?

This would cause its value to fall. As you read this, you will see exactly what’s happening with the U.S. Dollars’ purchasing power. The Federal Reserve now says that there are $1.19 Trillion U.S. dollars in circulation. Dollars in circulation…and counting.

Inflation can be caused by government paper money.

Inflation means that a 2013 U.S. dollars is worth only four pennies, which is about the same as a 1914 dollar.

Surviving Apocalypse by Simple Diversification

You can only survive an economic crash by diversifying your wealth over as many assets possible.

Precious and precious metals such as gold, are good assets to diversify.

Gold cannot be “printed” and overproduced. This quality has enabled it to withstand decades worth of economic crashes. Even though the demand is high, it cannot increase its supply. It is important to keep its value constant.

American citizens can still achieve their financial dreams of retiring in peace and prosperity. You can still be financially secure despite stock market crashes, hyperinflation, and dollar debasement.

You can hedge your investment portfolio by purchasing gold. This is because it has the potential to withstand a severe bearish market.

As the old saying goes, “Never keep your eggs in one place” – even if you have different stocks and bonds they are all still fiat currencies.

Investing Gold – The Smart Way

Real estate prices tumble, while stock and bonds plummet south. Where currencies like the USD remain volatile, gold offers stability and security. It is the only asset that almost guarantees a positive return on investment in an economy that is struggling.

There are many ways to invest in gold. You can buy gold bullion or bars. But, your Individual Retirement account, or IRA, is the best way to make an investment in gold. The tax benefits of a Gold Backed IRA are unmatched by other types of gold investments.

What is a Gold IRA Custodian, and how do you get one?

One of the most critical steps in making this process a success is to find a trusted gold IRA custodian. A gold IRA Custodian is typically a bank or brokerage that guides you through the Golden IRA Rollover process, and also secures your precious metals.

Custodians also manage transactions for owners and keep track all required paperwork. Investments in non-traditional assets, such as precious metals are not allowed by all IRA custodians. The client must find an IRS-approved custodian to handle these investments.