Mental Health is a Public Health Issue

Approximately one in five Americans will have a mental health problem in any given year, yet only one in three will receive treatment.

Serious mental illness cost the U.S an estimated $193.3 billion in lost earnings.

Depression remains the #1 disability in America and Worldwide.

Teens and Mental Health

20% of our teens age 13-18 suffer with a mental health condition.

Bullying plays a significant role in the mental health of our youth.

  • Victims of bullying are nearly three times as likely to suffer with anxiety, panic attacks and depression.  Cyber-Bullying allows teens to hide behind "screen names" while invoking harsh and detrimental harm to the victim.
  • Untreated Mental Health disorders in youth can lead to poor outcomes in school, limited employment opportunities and other negative economic impacts into adulthood.
  • Young people have some of the highest prevalence rates of mental illness, yet some of the lowest rates rates of seeking help.

The annual cost of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders AMONG young people is estimated to be $247 billion - including treatment and lost productivity.


                                                                                               Difficulties presented by our clients.

                                                                                               Difficulties presented by our clients.


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