Our hearts are heavy as we send prayers to the families affected by Hurricane Harvey. The loss caused by such a tragic event is physical and emotional on a scale that is hard to comprehend. We are prayerful that these people will be able to find help in their time of need. The Partnership will be making a gift to the American Red Cross to show our support and love for the families affected by Hurricane Harvey and we are optimistic you will be able to show your support as well.    

Today you have taken the first step to caring for your emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed or confused?
  • Do you feel like no matter what you do or say things just aren’t getting any better?
  • Are your emotions making it hard to function at home, work or school?
  • Are your actions becoming harmful to yourself or others?
  • Do you worry obsessively?
  • Do you want to get help but you don’t have any insurance?

Our counselors are ready to help you start your journey to finding health and happiness.

Your well-being is far more important than what others think! ignore the stigma and take the next step to a life full of hope, faith, joy and love.

 take the next step?


Find out how the Partnership is helping to address the unmet mental health needs of Western North Carolina.

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Our counselor helped us to better communicate, saving our marriage and family. Without the Partnership we never would have been able to afford counseling. Thank you!
— Client Testimonial